When we were being asked what the film was about, we didn’t know how to explain it. Perhaps it was because it’s about a sentiment that embarrasses us to talk. Or maybe it was just because we were afraid of being slapped upside the head, which would put us off all this nonsense. Now we are glad to think that it’s the film that explains itself by us.

In February we travelled to Pamplona to attend Punto de Vista Festival. There we could listen to Victor Iriarte presenting his film Invisible. The fact is that, between his explanations Iriarte said something like “it would be great that making movies were as rock and roll.” And so was made Joventut, solitud: trying what happens if that line does not rhyme or if you play a different note there. Drifting in the cinema as you just do it with the music.

Pressbook Joventut, Solitud (Esp-Eng)

Pressbook Joventut, Solitud (Esp-Eng)



Original title: Joventut, Solitud

Spanish title: Juventud, Soledad

Country: Spain

Runtime: 24 minutes

Recording format: HDV

Display Format: Digital Archive

Sound mix: Stereo, 5.1

Languages: Catalan, Spanish

Subtitles: Spanish, English, Turkish

Release date: 2013



A film by Jesus Boyero, Iris Domato,Teresa Mata, Eloi Teixidor, Nihan Yıldız

Screenplay: Jesus Boyero, Eloi Teixidor

Photography: Jesus Boyero, Teresa Mata

Direct sound and sound design: Teresa Mata, Nihan Yıldız

Editing: Iris Domato, Eloi Teixidor

Production: Iris Domato, Nihan Yıldız

Music: Eloi Teixidor



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joventutsolitud.tumblr.com  |  documentalcreativo.edu.es




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"La película del mañana la intuyo más personal incluso que una novela autobiográfica. Como una confesión o como un diario íntimo. Los jóvenes cineastas se expresarán en primera persona y nos contarán cuanto les ha pasado: podrá ser la historia de su primer amor o del más reciente, su toma de postura política, una crónica de viaje, una enfermedad, un servicio militar, su boda, las pasadas vacaciones, y eso gustará porque será algo verdadero y nuevo… La película del mañana será un acto de amor."

François Truffaut